Yurt + Ger Prices

12ft       Ger £3900    

12ft       Yurt £4100

14ft       Ger  £4500

14ft       Yurt £4700

16ft       Ger  £5000  

16ft       Yurt  £5400

18ft      Ger  £5800

18ft      Yurt  £6200

 21ft     Ger  £7800  

21ft       Yurt £8200

*The Yurt has bentwood roof poles allowing for a taller ceiling
**The Ger has straight roof poles creating a more sturdy structure

Yurt Components- what do you get for your money?

As a guide, these are the components of what our standard 16ft Yurt (12 inch space) includes:
  • 38 bentwood Roof Poles: made from ash and treated with wood preservative treatment and hard wax oil.
  • 3 Lattice Wall Sections made from steam bent ash, fastened with aircraft standard mild steel aluminium coated rivets and treated with wood preservative treatment and hard wax oil.
  • Roof Wheel: made from ash, larch or oak and treated and oiled.
  • Door and doorframe: made from larch with cast iron t-hinges, or stainless steel butt hinges and latch. All doors fitted with waterproof beadings and threshold strips. Treated and oiled.
  • Canvas roof, wall, wall band and roof wheel star: made from 12oz Regentex blended polyester/cotton canvas. All canvas water resistant (BS. 3408: 1992.), flame retardant (BS. 37:1996.) and rot resistant (DEF STAN 68-141.). Canvas is secured with nickel-plated brass grommets and webbing straps.
  • 1 x 1.2m window in wall canvas in position of choice.
  • A clear panel in roof star can also be added at no extra cost.
  • External rope and canvas strapping. Webbing tension band and secondary canvas tension band.
    Assembly instructions.


All our roundhouses are bespoke and made for customer requirements and budgets. Each one prices differently, so prices on request. 

If you have any queries, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements 



As a guide, these are the components of our 16ft Roundhouse frame: 
  • 36 larch roof poles.
  • One solid 4 section laminated roof wheel.
  • 13 round 8”posts- stripped of bark and cambium or squared, planed and polished. 
  • One floor plate ring and one roof plate ring made from 3”x8” larch holding wall posts.
  • Frame to be braced with 1.5”x6” curved bracing. Frame is held with beech dowels- no mechanical fixings used.
  • Olive green external roof covering made from 560g heavy duty marquee roofing fabric with clear PVC panel at centre over roof wheel.  
  • All wood is treated with wood preserve and oiled.
  • Roof covering flame retardant and UV resistant,  100% waterproof with welded seams.