Bespoke Roundhouses & Yurts for Sale

Fron Farm Yurts 

Special Spaces for Special Places 

Manufacturers of High Quality Yurts, Gers and Roundhouses.

Mongolian Yurts and Gers

We make traditional handcrafted Yurts and Gers. The bentwood Yurt, has steam bent roof poles and the Ger has straight poles. All frames made using locally sourced ash, larch and oak. We tailor each yurt to suit your need, size and budget and colour.

Hybrid Gers

We specialise in Hybrid Gers which are suitable for year round living and have the beauty of traditional Yurts, but are more suited to the British climate

Wooden Yurt- Roundhouse

We also specialise in wooden Yurts and Roundhouses. We can custom design and build any sized roundhouse, suitable for year round use, made from locally sourced sustainable wood to suit your need, size and budget.


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